Best Father of the Groom Speech training videos and media

Gathering ideas and inspiration for your father of the groom speech could be quite a task. With several books available in the market, making a choice to pick one can become difficult. However, there are a number of video sources of inspiration available on the World Wide Web too. This article will provide you with few of such content, which are existing online for anyone’s help.

1. Both the book – ‘Wedding toasts made easy’ by Tom Haibeck and his channel on the social video database prove to be excellently rewarding to the user.

The focus of the material by Tom Haibeck is tackling your nervousness about having to make a wedding toast. The material is called the bible of wedding toasts. The training video provides proper guidance to the learner and is an all-inclusive material. While the videos are formulated in such a way, the book has been incorporated with illustrative series of hilarious cartoons, the credit of which shall be carried by the award-winning cartoonist Grahame.

The following links will help you discover more on the training videos & the book:

2. The next link is a single video training material that enlightens on every aspect of how a father of the groom speech must be and must not be.

How to give it a funny yet remarkable start? The father represents the groom’s whole family, so the father of the groom speech holds great importance. Ideas on how, when and what incidents to include are all here. How to make the speech funny and witty rather than emotional?

The video also mentions a referral website, where you can get many free wedding speeches samples and templates.

A few of the outstanding features of the website referral below are that it houses a number of categories to browse and understand. Some of them would be as follows:

  • Father of the groom Speech
  • Father-Son (the groom) conversation
  • Humorous wedding speeches
  • Wedding Toasts
  • Themed wedding speeches



3. The third link is a video where John Bell points out every nuke and corner in the world of giving a confident groom’s father speech. The author is a well-known public speaker with a versatile profile and more than 25 years of experience. He had also published bunch of CDs to develop fearless and striking public speaking.

The following links below will help you find many more details.

Some points highlighted in the video are:

  • Purpose of the speech
  • Main idea behind delivering a speech
  • Finding balance in your speech.
  • Minding he length
  • Formatting your speech for the perfect time frame
  • Positioning your speech into the event
  • Avoiding stress and fear in speech
  • Importance of notes
  • Drawbacks of notes
  • Avoiding alcohol before the speech
  • Avoiding offending jokes and references
  • How not to try hard and be natural
  • Avoiding embarrassments and uninteresting stories



4. The next link will take you to the most awarded and acclaimed videos, eBook and referrals all related to the father of groom speech by the famous author John Wilson. The book is a best-seller. The eBook version is also affordable and easy to download, learn and implement. The video training material has acclaims with many positive reviews from the past users. It provides the reader to experience some of the most entertaining wedding speeches. The material pushes the reader to write their own father of the groom speeches, just like professional writers. It enlightens on the tips and tricks to deliver a speech and make it appealing to the audience. It prepares the user on both fronts: content and presentation. The templates and the ideology provided in the material will ensure your son feels special and make him realize how much he actually is to you. The material contains a variety of speeches, of different themes, scenario and ideologies.

The following few links could help you to find the related videos & materials online:


5. The fifth link here is a generalized collection of several speeches on a social video database. The videos can provide the user with kick-start in their inspiration level to formulate their own father of groom speech. The links carry more than 100 videos for lifting your spirits up for the big day.

Some videos are samples and intended as training purpose videos, while some are from real-time wedding experiences. It can help you understand, how to perform even better. You understand better, when you see. Watch and learn the way to hold a microphone or a way not to hold it.  The attire of the person in the video – what suits and what do not. The style and confidence people carry while they are delivering their father of the groom speeches is also in the videos. How to create a lasting impression through your gestures? The importance of facial expressions and body languages will also be shared.




The overall idea of deriving inspiration from a video, rather than from a post-card or a book is to understand the method way better. It is like a visual practice session. Imagining yourself in the position where the speaker in the video is puts you through more questions and thereby leads you to many more answers.

There are several websites and videos available in the World Wide Web that can assist you in a large scale to deliver an alluring groom’s father speech.