Father of the Groom Speech Inspired by your Adventures

Today, it gets harder to have some newer inspiration that can bring light into your father of the groom speech. I now present a new idea – which is being inspired by your adventures. While some people say that the adventures you had in your life are always similar to someone else’s, it’s just perfect and enough to bring something new and write a unique speech.

Foolish things you did

Yes, one of the most useful elements is the foolishness you went through day by day during your life so far. If we consider it with the right eyes, the foolish attitudes and decisions were the ones to help us learn and make great decisions and better choices in life. Now, I don’t want to say that you should enumerate your stupid behaviors or whatever you consider, during the wedding speech. I strongly encourage that you first start thinking about it. MORE Wedding Speech Samples

While you take a couple of hours or days to think about the things that happened, you will realize that at different times you made various conclusions. These were the conclusions to later bring light to what you achieved to do. Your son and the bride should hear about some of your friendly suggestions or reflections on their relationship, based on the things you have learned from your own mistakes. This way, they won’t necessarily know about what you did wrong, but they will rather find your advices useful. Of course, you don’t need to act like you were the only married man on the planet who knows such wonderful and true things. If you ever want your words to be heard and listened to, you need a friendly attitude, because acting like a boss won’t bring you far ahead.

Then, you maybe had some times in your life when you were afraid to choose something that was riskier apparently. Later, as it happened to all of us, you realized that due to your fears you just lost something great and there is absolutely no way to ever recover that thing. By this you can emphasize something like their decision to get married is a great one, because if they wouldn’t marry each other, they might wake up one day regretting the fear, regretting how they said “no” when the right answer was “yes”.

Your first few years of marriage

The first few years of your marriage, as it was for every couple, were harder. This happens due to the following:

  • You have new responsibilities
  • You need to know your partner the more
  • You need to have a perspective and pay attention to finances
  • Every decision must be made by keeping your partner’s point of view in front – selfish attitudes just bring fights or even a divorce
  • You maybe have days when you can’t estimate time correctly, because the new activities you need to go through take some time and you are not used to all of that (at least not yet)

The couple of things listed above are surely part of the past, part of the first few years of your marriage. By knowing these things, you can give other short reflections that could help the young couple in their decisions. One of these is that they should always respect each other, and even if they disagree on something, they must both learn to let go and listen to each other.

Also, if you don’t want to express things as advices, you can tell a short story of the couple, but all the story trying to reflect the things they have done well. Never reflect on bad things – a father of the groom speech should be supportive and the young couple should be able to feel that you are there as a father, as a friend, as a real pillar whenever needed.

Honeymoon ideas

Your honeymoon definitely had awesome parts and not too amazing parts. From the awesome parts, plus the moments you remember to have known about the people who were surrounding you, it is easy to recommend some amazing ideas and choices for their honeymoon. Of course, tell them that the location is something they must choose, so that the couple doesn’t feel like you are trying to convince them to go to a honeymoon to visit the same places you visited with your wife. That would be a mistake, so don’t say anything like it!

But, on the other hand, if you tell them how to save money and still be able to see the most of a fine exotic location, it is good – they will surely appreciate it and remember your words before actually going out and spending money on the honeymoon or booking the hotel room.

As an experienced father, you can also tell them what the helpful things are, when going on the honeymoon and what are the things that are only unnecessary time-stealing objects. These tips will be of much help and since they have no honeymoon experience, they will love it!

Of course, the tips I am sharing here – these must be told briefly and in a way that they don’t sound boring. Also, you can’t choose to speak about all the things from this article, because that would require 30-40 minutes. Remember that your speech should stay at 3 or 4 minutes in length.

Road trips

I am sure you had a lot of road trips. Maybe some of them were with friends, others with your wife (just the two of you) and then others with the entire family. Of course, different experiences and locations bring newer things to learn. These are the things you have already learned during the years. It is now the time for your son and his wife to learn. If you can somehow add a glimpse of some important things, you can do it. Still, keep it short. You don’t want them to be bored!

Think about your love stories

Remember all the women you ever met? Each and every one of them brought you to a new level of experiencing different good and bad things. Now, forget the bad ones, because you need to talk about the good ones. Still, it is not about yourself, it’s not about telling your story. All you need to do is talk about the newlyweds.

If you don’t know too many details, be funny and talk about romantic things they could do together. Of course, keep the details within the limits of good sense and consider the fact that you are giving your father of the groom speech.

Also, from within the love stories that you have lived, you will understand more from their present love story. From that, you will also know how to speak their language and become even more supportive for their marriage as they ever thought before. It is always good if you prove, with your actions, that the young couple can enjoy the most of your support.

Then, people say you can also quote a love poem, a part of a movie, love story or something else. If you remember some valuable romantic experience with your wife – quoting from your own marriage is priceless. If your son realizes it was from his own parents then he will feel honored.

Random experiences

Then, your own adventures as a teenager and as a young man, then as a married man have a huge value. From these experiences, you have learned a lot of things and you have seen a lot of things. You can make sure to remember the best of these in order to turn them into something amazing for the father of the groom speech you are about to give.

For example, you might have read a book like 5-10 years ago. It might have been a romantic book, adventure book, novel, or anything else. From those lines, the way the writer represented (or presented) some characters, values in society, and others – those very things motivated you. In other cases, maybe it was no motivation, but the things you’ve read might have changed the way you think. So, from the strong things you have learned, you can figure out some unique ideas for the wedding speech.

You know, if you want to be unique, you need to think out of the box. All of the random YouTube videos that tend to give a new light to old things are useless. However, there are some videos that will show you some weddings or other events that took place, but were organized in a different manner, not in ways you would’ve expected. This is exactly what you will need to do: make up something that wasn’t used before, or even if it was ever used, there is no record of it nearby.

By these suggestions, please don’t assume that I am thinking complicated or that I want to tell you that you need big things. On the contrary: it’s the small things that build up the great ones, and wisely used small things will help you achieve better things later. The simpler you will think about different life experiences and about how these can be used for the speech, the better it will be for you and the easier it will become to truly reach a point of uniqueness.

Some people, for example, tried to present speeches with cos plays. Other people used some projections, PowerPoint presentations and many other technological stuff. Some more inventive fathers wrote amazing songs and played the songs with pianos, guitars or other instruments. You see, possibilities are literally endless – it is only up to you to decide how you can bring a new adventure and become unique with the father of the groom speech!