Funny Father of the Groom Speech

Wedding is a public occasion and requires the participation of the entire family and friends. Speaking in front of the public is a nerve wrecking task. But it is after all a day for your son. So, your fears are usually overridden with excitement and confidence. Happiness is what justifies through the actions of the wedding occasion. Everything that you do is important on the wedding day. Starting from how you welcome the guests to how you deliver the toast to the couples, everything matters a lot in these wedding occasions.  It is a big step towards life and you want to make the best out of it. Indeed at the end of the day, you do worry and care about your son and his happiness.

A father of the groom speech needs not be very formal. It should be appreciable, with added jokes and spices. Garnish you’re the father of the groom wedding speech with past experiences and memories. Lay them with worthy examples and advices. Assure your son that it is a wonderful moment that he has given you to celebrate. And you shall make the best out of it! Usually, the father of the bride speech is boosted with emotion and the groom’s father speech should be, on the other hand, wrapped in rapture and a plethora of jubilation.   

When preparing for the father of the groom speech, you must have plenty of free time to practice and first of all, you need to make a rough draft. You have to carefully choose the words and put them in the right order. You should not add it haphazardly. Ask your friends or your elder ones to help you in writing the speech. You can ask them what you should write about. You can write in the speech how close you are to your son and how you admire the decisions he takes in his life, how much you respect the ideals he lives by, the rules and principles he has set for his life himself, how carefully he  manages his tasks and how respectful he is indeed. But on the other hand, you must make sure that the father of the groom speech does not turn out to be extremely serious. Make it sound natural and casual. Tackle it like just another day, putting in your full calibre to write it.

Remember: you want to say something that puts a smile on the face of your son. Lighten the mood of the party. Keep it simple and jolly. Adding in quotes might help, but make sure it keeps up with the situation. Shower your blessings on your son’s bride. Refer to her as your own daughter and you can put her to joy and laughter by mentioning a few incidents from your son’s past, featuring his childish innocence and how naughty he was. But make sure you also mention that he has grown up to be a very responsible and sensible young man. He is ready to face the challenges of life and strong enough to face them.

As mentioned earlier, you know it is a very emotional phase of life. If your tears do come by, let them go, no problem with that. It is the love of a father to see his son grown so big. It is the tears of joy and pride more than emotion. Enrich the father of the groom speech with funny jokes. That is always looked up to by the guests and it adds to their laughter.

One of the jokes can be like:

“It is so hard to imagine John in a wedding suit, because it feels as if it was just yesterday that I was changing his diapers. And look at him now, he is looking so handsome. Jenny, now you know where John gets his good looks from!” (Jenny is the bride)

Add to the mood of the party. The environment should not slip into sulkiness. The groom’s father speech must be packed with lots of surprises for the newlywed couple. Take a pen and write down whatever you feel has bonded you with your son. Write down the fun moments you had together. Express how much you love him not only as your son, but also as a friend. Tell everyone that in times of need, he has proved himself to be a dutiful son and how sometimes he gave you advices which a father can give to his son.

The father of the groom speech is essentially traditional, but with different cultures and ethics it may vary. You must remember that this day shall be cherished by your son and his bride forever in his lifetime. The love you bore for him needs to be shown through the wedding speech. Make sure you rehearse well before delivering the father of the groom speech. Don’t rush through your speech while speaking. You must present in a calm and composed way. Rushing might cause you to flub and stammer. That is undesirable and unpleasant. Take your time, manage it efficiently and take advices and help from other sources to intensify the richness of the father of the groom speech.

Many website provide tips on how to write the father of the groom speech. You can take help from these sources. It is not necessary that if you use big words it will sound magnificent. You need to make it simple and original. Do not try to over garnish it because that can implement it as an artificial one. A natural speech comes directly from the core of your heart and does not need any amendments. Love shall sparkle from the groom’s father wedding speech and your main motive should be to congratulate the couple. Fun is essential to present joy and elation. The Father of the Groom Speech must be interesting and not bent on serious notes. Fun and joy are the two essential key factors to a happy life. Make sure you inaugurate them through the father of the groom speech.