Groom’s Father Speech Structure

Is your son getting married and you are behind the schedule with all the preparations? Here are some advices that will quickly turn your day into one that is worth everything. The groom’s father speech is one of the most expected speeches that everyone is eager to hear. If only a few weeks are separating you from the big event and you haven’t yet started with building up your speech, you might reconsider things. Your son’s wedding is very important and you won’t get a second chance at it. So make that time to not screw all up and find what links you with him.
Complicated speeches are often forgotten by those that want to make impressions, but simple things and powerful words make the difference. Words that draw others into listening to what you say are words that touch hearts and words of encouragement and advices that guideline into the first steps of this journey. Find Here 25 Father of Groom Speech Examples

groom's father speechIf you want to make a good impression, be applauded by everyone present and well-spoken by the family and friends then you should start sooner instead of leaving all for the last moment. As it is for the bride and for your son, this event has been expected since a long time ago and even your family is excited. Involving in every and each aspect of the wedding planning, turning many pages of the days that already passed will get you closer with everything, but not with the speech.
To make a son proud you’ll have to invest as much as you did in the planning and pour out your heart in front of him. There is absolutely no shame to be honest, since honesty is the key that opens many hearts

Now if you had an early experience with talking in front of a public you’ll know by now that practice will build up a great confidence in yourself and in your writing, making it all easier. You will definitely want your son to remember this day as one that had its memorable phrases and as a day when his father gave the best speech ever that left everyone in the room speechless in the positive sense of the word.
All you need for delivering a great and remarkable speech is some days off the things that might stop you from getting the best out of your thoughts. You will also need some practice that will offer you the element of feeling comfortable not only with yourself, but with everyone else too.

What is the most important when you deliver the groom’s father speech is its structure. Being subjective can be one thing and writing randomly and losing all attention is another that will turn the odds against you. As the father of the groom, you should keep in mind that not everyone at the wedding knows who you are, so you should start with a brief introduction about yourself, letting them know who you are. Even if someone else already did that in advance, it is well advised if you do it again at the beginning of your speech for those that weren’t paying attention. It is enough if you just mention your name and the fact that you are the groom’s father and then skip to the next section in your speech. This one involves the well-known welcoming of the guests. Since some of them have taken their days off or made some sacrifices traveling long distances to be here today, it is very polite as the father of the groom to make a warm welcome and add a few words of being honored since they were able to come and celebrate this wonderful event. Keep this part short and precise without babbling too much about it in order to avoid becoming too boring even for them.

The best stories ever are those that come from life experiences, especially those that will make you to recall the good old memories. You are allowed to get sentimental as long as you avoid crying too much or being too overwhelmed and then being forced to stop in the middle of your speech and not getting the chance to continue with it. You can start since he was born and continue with those stories that were life changing for you both, but avoid those moments or times when he had his mistakes in life and not everything worked out for the best. You can use some of his childhood memories when life was only starting for him and then if you feel, you can continue with those that had the magic of the times spent together. Those stories that are funny are worth being mentioned because they really add a note of breaking the ice and making everyone enjoy themselves hearing you. This part of your speech structure should not make your son or any member of your family feel embarrassed or humiliated. Not everything that is funny for you might be funny for those who listen to you. Some of the aspects should be verified with your family in order to avoid conflicts or to ruin this day for your son.

Showing respect towards your son is the biggest gift that one child could desire for his parent. The structure of the groom’s father speech should be linked as well with some of your son’s achievements in life that you totally admire, as well as some of his qualities that make him a remarkable man. Your opinion counts at this wedding and trying to choose your words well and will take you on a further level of contempt coming not only form those that are present at the wedding but also from your son and the family.
Keep in mind that when you start addressing words to the groom and the bride you are the formal representative of your family. Don’t let your son down and don’t let your family down. Allow yourself to appreciate your son’s decision for getting married with the bride and welcome her into the family. Talking about the bride will show that indeed you are a father who supports his son and it will mean a great deal for the bride as well. In this part you can easily add a few compliments about how happy you are that your son finally found that one person that completes him and makes him feel happy and fulfilled. If you know her well then you can complement her on those qualities or achievements that you admire so much at her.

The last tip for a great groom’s father speech structure is based on using some marital advices from your former wedding experience. Keep in mind that every advice that you give to the newlyweds must be made in a friendly tone and not using an all-knowing attitude.
Before starting with the advice section you can ask your wife for some suggestions and her opinion will give you a clean and clear hint on what to put in your speech. If you don’t feel so comfortable with this part, you can easily skip it and find other suitable ideas. Being unique and personal will get you obtain the attention required for a great wedding speech.
You cannot skip those people who helped a lot with the planning and arranging the wedding. Their work made this event possible and after all without them, nothing could be done. Some warm thanking will just do the trick and make them feel a part of the event and feel important and valued. The last that you do is keeping the toast and making some best wishes for the groom and the bride, so you’ll have to be fully prepared for this part as you were in the beginning. Simple phrases will make you better keep in mind what follows next in your sketch. Don’t complicate everything, just let it flow as naturally as it can be.