Groom’s Father Wedding Speech

Still strikes you, right? The fact that the son whom you brought home from the hospital as just yesterday has now grown so big and handsome, that he walks down the aisle with his bride ready to start his new journey of life. Surprise and awe fills your heart to think of this. The moment your son comes in and tells you “Dad, Jessica and I want to get together.” (Jessica is the bride. The son here talks about the marriage) From that moment onwards you start to think as where you are going to organise the party, what food you shall order, whom shall you invite…

Finally, it strikes to you before going for sleep that time has flown by so fast and you are left with so little time to share privately with your son. You feel that now you son is going to have a special person in his life and is going to share his feelings with her. Then, the thought of the groom’s father speech strikes you. It is now time to dawn on the best father of the groom wedding speech to let your son know how special he is to you and how he has always been and will always be.

The groom’s father wedding speech is in accordance with tradition is customary service by the fathers, where they have to say a few words regarding the occasion. The father of the bride speaks first and his speech is filled with intense emotions for having to see the daughter move to a new family. It is painful but the extreme rapture makes up for it.  The wedding speech in contrast to the father of the bride speech can relate the special bonding that you as a father shared with your son. The groom’s father wedding speech follows a definite format and scheme and needs to be followed to present the best speech.

You should first start with a warm welcoming gesture extended to all your guests and the family of the bride.  Make them feel welcomed and dearly wanted at the occasion. Their presence and support are of utmost importance on the day of the wedding of your son. The groom’s father wedding speech should not refer to any incidents from the past which can cause disputes between the two families. Remember that you are now a part of the other family and in turn they are too a part of your family. A good presentation shall prove beneficial to your son to start his new family life without any problem or impedance.

The groom’s father wedding speech should be based on how lovely was the time you spent with your son for such a long time. The funny moments and the golden times you two have shared together, how you are going to miss him as the little boy in shorts jumping into your arms when you return from work, the bedtime stories you have read out to your son, the parent teacher meetings from school. Every moment has been glorifying and worthy of remembering for you. Enlist how you cherish them always, through the father of the groom speech.

While relating to your personal experiences with your son, make sure you do not make it extra personal. That might simply end up embarrassing your son in front of so many people. Then you can also go for mentioning his favourite times from high school and college, how he came to you for advice and how you helped him solve the difficulties of life. Relate to the incidents when you went to him for advice. Being your son, how he sometimes took up the responsibilities of a father and that left you amazed.

The groom’s father wedding speech should be special in its own way. You must not copy it from anywhere. Just remember that it is not a university exam or a senate where you have to give a debate speech. It is the wedding occasion of your son and you should try to keep up the mood of the party.

The speech is delivered in front of many guests, family and friends. You should be careful of what you say. They usually leave good impression on the listeners if it is a simple and a good one. But try to make it special by adding your own uniqueness. You know your son for a long time, put in the exact sentences which you think shall overflow his heart with love and respect for you. The groom’s father speech enlightens the fact that you as a father have shared a golden bonding with your son. Let your son know how special he is to you, how dearly you love him, how you would do anything to see him happy.

The father of the groom speech should also throw light on the bride. Now that she is a part of your son’s life, she is a big part of your family. You shall now cherish every moment of her presence and togetherness with your family. You shall cater to all her needs and protect her as a rightful father. You shall acknowledge the fact that your son has been blessed with such a lovely bride and it fills your heart with euphoria to see them together.

The groom’s father speech should wish them good luck and cheers for the future. Life can be daring and turn unpredictable but what you deliver that day is significant and acts as a principle and guide book for them in times of difficulties and dilemma. A good speech can always ensure wonderful father and son bonds. It is the power of the groom’s father wedding speech that can keep families together. Your views matter a lot. Preserve the integrity of the father and son special bonding for eternity with a moving speech.