I made my son’s day extra special with the Groom’s Father Speech

I remember it was the 15th of July, my son Robert and his girlfriend Carmen had been invited over for dinner by my wife Jane. At the dinner table, Robert suddenly tells me, “Dad, Carmen and I have decided to get together. I hope you and mom are okay with it…” No sooner did he finish saying this than the idea of the groom father speech occupying my mind. We had a month’s time and there was so much to prepare. I remember what an amazing speech was given by my father on my wedding day. I was so touched and moved. I started respecting him more than before. The influence that he has over these years has helped me and Jane lead a beautiful and easier life. Although I am a father myself, I still look up to my father for being such a great example in my life. Get 25 Examples

Robert has always respected me and helped me in every aspect of life. He has successfully and faithfully followed my rules for life. The love and care that he has nurtured in himself for so long has been thanked for on his wedding day. I started off immediately. After the dinner was over, all I could really think of was the father of the groom speech. I had to shower the same good wishes and influence on Robert, which my father showered on me.

Wedding celebration

Let me tell you how I planned carefully and wrote my very own speech. I remember both Robert and Carmen came up to me and gave me a big hug and all the guests gave me a standing ovation. It took me regular rehearsing of the speech followed by searching alternate websites day in and day out. I even went through a book on how to write father of the groom speech. I remember when Robert was small, he would ask me how God gifted those people who did a lot of good in their life and I answered back that God has in store a special gift for everyone who continued to do good in their life.”  Finally, God is giving him the best gift of his life, a lovely bride, Carmen.

A good example for your Father of the Groom Speech – my memories of the speech I gave

“Hello everyone, I am Robert and Carmen’s father, Jack. Twenty eight years back, my father was standing here while I sat there with Jane, my beloved wife (pointing towards Robert and Carmen). How swiftly time has flown by but I still feel so young and handsome (everyone laughs). Robert, you have been an outstanding son. There were times when you managed to advise me as a father. There were times when you regarded me as your friend. I remember all those beautiful times we have spent together.

I remember the day I brought you and Jane from the hospital; you were so delicate that I would fear to even hold you. I remember spending endless nights staring into your little eyes, which stared right back at me. I would always kiss your little hand that clutched my finger. I would always be so excited to see you mumble and fumble words in your babyish language. All that I knew was that you kept reminding me that God is so pleased with me that he gave me such a marvellous present. And today, you have brought me another lifetime present, who is Carmen, my new daughter.

Carmen, my child, I always believed that God sends His angels to protect people whom they love. You are an angel my dear. You are the most beautiful rose in the garden of life. How can I thank you for colouring the life of my son? No matter what I do, I shall be indebted to your parents for gifting us with such a precious lifetime award. The beautiful aura that scintillates from her adds richness to our lives. Robert, Jane and I promise to look after all your needs and cater to all your requirements.

I wish Robert and Carmen a life sprinkled with loads of love and bless you both with prosperity and good cheers. May you two always live peacefully! Robert, give Carmen the respect she deserves and love her with all virtues. Respect the decisions she makes and support her in all her endeavours. Carmen, now you have the responsibility to take care of Robert. Always allow him to share his deepest feelings with you. Help him undertake the tasks of life and stand by his side, so that he can solve them all. I wish you togetherness for eternity. May love and joy glorify your life! I dedicate this day to Robert and Carmen, for being the perfect quintessence of love and life.”

Closing thoughts

While writing the groom’s father speech, you must make sure that you do not use complex words. Try to keep it simple and original. Using quotes can make it artificial. It is an amazing moment for a father when he delivers the wedding speech. The best gift that a father can give to his son on his wedding day is a memorable speech. It really helps them to foster good feeling for the future. Marriage is not a simple journey but once you trigger the zeal in them for it, they are surely to make the best out of it. The father of the groom wedding speech can be nostalgic, emotional, funny, humorous, motivating, etc.

Make sure you rehearse the speech a number of times. Be confident while speaking. I was not shaky or stammering while I delivered the groom’s father speech. In fact, I was so taken by the emotion of the occasion, that I spoke quite naturally without even looking at the paper that I carried in case I forgot some parts of the speech. The happiness and pleasure that filled the faces of the guests, my family members, my beloved wife, Carmen’s family and most importantly my son and daughter, made me realize that the pain I took for writing the father of the groom speech was worth it.